March 28, 2011

Jols Ariella - Twisted Tales

You will say that I'm only interested by (young) women photographers but it's a fact the things I find the most moving, interesting, fascinating, inovating in photography are from (young) women. It's like this media was particularly adapted for carrying their mental imagery and their aesthetic look on existence. Jolena Ariella is from Singapore and she offers a splendid universe in which we drown with an unsane pleasure. Once again, I found her on deviantArt (here), and I didn't find any site and I hope she'll go on in this way cos' it's an exciting path. Note that Jolene took one picture by week.


  1. I am a person considered offensive to society, nineteenth century tell a thousand views, I visited your blog and I love, a hug from Reus Catalonia and many thanks for visiting my blog, you are a very brave person.

  2. I've lived some wonderful moments in Catalonia when I was a teenager. Never forget how people were great back there. Thx for the appreciation.