March 13, 2011

Nathan Appel - Various

Nathan Appel is one of the rare erotic photographers I admire (he shares this "privilege" with another one publishing in the same blog, George Pitts, blog's link here). Cos' erotism is most often so conventionally reproducing the ABC of the mainstream sexist vision of women as flesh (and orifices) objects that it's more boring than exciting. Not with these 2 guys who look at women with a desire that respect their reality and try not to model it. Here I didn't choose the most erotic aspect of Nathan Appel work, but pictures in which there is intimacy, secret, and a sort of reserve (is it "pudeur" in English?) even in nudity showing. Great. His site here.


  1. thank you for the nice words, that was quite lovely.

  2. You deserve it. No many in this genre can.