March 26, 2011

Various - Piss & Love

The last comment I got was from Inkpoint for the Gilles Berquet series (see here) about women peeing, a fantastic one I agree. For him, I post tonight this sample of my fave peeing women ones. In each of them, there is something I like, something that puts the picture out of the only-fetichist domain (although I got no real problem with fetichists, just I think it's a little bit making women objects but if it's done nicely it's OK) and brings other kind of emotions: freedom, lightness, joy, even tenderness, and many more that I am unfortunately unable to find since I'm not fluent English writing. Take a glass of these wonderful peeing girls for tonight dear solitaire male brothers, and don't say that life is always a dry bore. Thanks the destiny that you're not blind. More if you ask. I think I don't need to tell you to click on pix to see them full size. If I need, that's you're not real scoptophilians.


  1. Really nice picture set, I have never seen any of these before. The last one is my favorite.

  2. I agree. This is awesome! You need to find more of these pictures. Ever thought about doing a post on Sabrina Dacos?

  3. Haha incredible. I want to do one about Sabrina Dacos for years now. But I postpone it cos' I want to post her scat pix too and I'm a little anxious about the reactions. It's silly since I love them. Honestly I was going to make a post about her very soon. You give me the starting signal. Thanx.

    1. I would not mind to see her scat pics...! It is funny... she seems always to deny that these pics are hers... but you notice it's her!