April 14, 2011

Andrey Vahrushew [RENO] - Linda

What a surprise, whilst discovering this talented photographer from Litvia, to see Linda, the young girl pictured by her mother, Sundew here and there, in his gallery. I suppose he's or was the companion (and maybe the Linda's father but I've no idea) of this then-child and now young woman. It's a pleasure to see other pictures from her since she's got something special in her face that makes her a sort of iconic representation of the magic involved in this transformation of little girls in women. Thus, some more to please our eyes. Some more soon from this interesting photographer and specially his children portraits.


  1. to answer your question - Yes, I believe that people read/view your blog every day... I do at least. Thanks!

  2. Oh, nice to answer. I suppose some are daily visitors (like you are) and others who only come once. Actually it's different to write for the first or the second ones since I can refer to previous posts more often if I know people have seen pictures or photographs I'm talking about.
    But the less I'll talk, the best this blog will be I think :-)