April 16, 2011

Jean-François Lefranc - Nathos

If I post this series tonight it's first because I love it, second because Jean-François Lefranc should have been cited in this blog earlier since he's a great French photograph and painter that deserves to get credits, and last because I'm in the process of writing a (professional) book on "obesity" (I hate the word but I must use it in my work), and it's like an antidote to the health visions of things to admire a female so-called obese body, only seeing a gorgeous lady with shapes to dream about. Of course, this series is not intended to magnify a curvy body (other ones from this photograph will be) but no-one can deny the curves do a lot to make these picture a complete success. They have this quality of ancient paintings but with, of course, complete contempory imagery. More if you want to have a dreamy trip in this creator's universe here. Plenty of other similarly wonderful women to admire.

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