April 22, 2011

Leslie Krims - Various

With Jan Saudek, Leslie Krims was the one who showed me that photography could be a strong political (in all its semantic dimensions) media. In the first half of the seventies, while I was a teen obsessed by music, he did the job for photography than did Jean-Luc Godard and Ingmar Bergman for movies. He educated me and made of me what I'm still today, 35 years later. Born in Brooklyn in 1942, he never received the success and aknowledgement he deserves and if I didn't post his work earlier it's because I never found on the net his works I like the most and the ones found are usually in bad quality. I sampled some that, except the 3 firsts, are good enough to click on. But the masked Mickey was maybe THE picture that was my aesthetic shock. Note that Lesly Krims is the man on the pictures. His site here.

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