April 15, 2011

Neil Craver - Underwater nude rock series

Since the day I began this blog, it's like if everyday I could post something (and someone behind the camera) that I feel it's great. And this is no exception. You have surely observed, if you're a regular visitor (don't know if visitors come here on a regular basis or come only once or twice and then never come back) that I got a real fascination (and affection) for pictures taken underwater (more to come), mainly when there are some nude naiads in them OK I admit (but who will throw the stone at me but narow-minded feminisms thinking that having pleasure to look at female bodies is humiliating when I think this is the basis of mutual respect and adoration?). Neil Craver is an American artist working on more medias than only photography (here his blog) and who seems to have a very fantasy innerworld but also a very rich conceptual universe (if you read his texts). What I see here is that he did the most extraordinary underwater pictures I ever saw. These are the ones I could get in large format when you click on them, but there are many others, some still more fantastic than are these ones. The organicity of these shots is only challenged by their sensuality. Another scoptophilian dream. PS. I tried to sort them in a rather logical order.


  1. Thanks so much for you praise and interest in my work!

  2. You deserve it. And thx a lot for the comment.

  3. OMG! Extremely powerful images! I'm flat-out overwhelmed!! It's a sensual explosion sooo skillfully created through an entirely unexpected marriage of elements, light, perspective and context. Truly spiritual. Goes right underneath my skin!

  4. Yes, we come here on a regular basis. we check the blog every day, and sometimes we even look for new ideas in old post...