April 10, 2011

Pierre Radisic - Pornscapes

Here one of the most interesting, touching, novative, humoristic, "impudique" and romantic photographic project I ever saw. Pierre Radisic (from Bruxelles, born one month after me, the same year, 1958) and Anne Bernard (from Montpellier), lovers linked by a true sexual passion one for another, photographed their loving moments without any euphemism and found that the 6 shot-agencement provided a different dimension to pictures primary aimed to reinforced their excitation. A new semantic appeared but Anne Bernard writes splendidly about it in a text here (in French but there in English, moreover you'll find there too many other 6-shot pix). It seems this series took place in 2005--06. Another one, during the hospitalization of Anne Bernard, will be more moving and transgressive still. I'll post it later. The site of Pierre Radisic is here.

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