April 6, 2011

Raven Starblood - What Darkness Brings


Not sure again to go on with this blog (too much photographs announcing they don't want their pictures being used on blogs). So, this (splendid) Raven StarblOOd gif is a good way to end... if it's the end (I will "weigh the for and the against" as we say in French), cos' she's been so friendly and I consider her to be the mascot (or would I say the fetish) of Scoptophilia and it's a well deserved hommage.


  1. Damnit, don't go away!!! I love your page!! I don't know why so many people are stupid- it isn't like you make money off their photos or anything...I have new ones on Deviantart but Photobucket is not working for me...I'd like to know who you actually are before you leave, if you do leave??

  2. I don't. Found too many things exciting to share with visitors. I'm nobody interesting actually Raven. You are someone. That's why I post your pictures. I will go on deviantArt see your new stuff. Always pleasure to read some words from you here.