April 18, 2011

Ron Ray [Bark] - Various


Childhood's end

The apricot experiment



Remember a day

My prize

Approaching lavendar

Bus stop


Thursday all day


Event by dark


Woman, horse, chair

I usually limit the posts with digital manipulation using collages except when I feel that there is something strong enough to transcend this genre, too often associated for me with the end of the sixties. This is the case with this, by Ron Ray (or self-called Bark), a US-based 54 yrs old man who really offers a fascinating (and I must admit quite enigmatic) imagery (this is the reason why, exceptionally, I provided the legends). I wouldn't be able to interpret each of the above collages, but each of them tells me implicitely something important about my own representation of life. For more, you can go to his deviantArt gallery here. Didn't find any site. If you know one, don't hesitate to give me the address in comments. Important here to click on them to see them full size of course.

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