April 2, 2011

Sara Forestier

Sara Forestier is one of the rare young actresses of the last 20 years I find having this something that is synonymous of life, beauty, freedom. She reminds me of the young Sandrine Bonnaire but lighter, brighter, sunnier. Sad that Le Nom Des Gens (The Name of People), the film for which she won the Best Actress Award at the Cesars this year, a film about the stupidity of considering individuals through their ethny, origin or community, didn't preclude the National Front to make a high score at the last elections. But I suppose electors of this party neither saw nor liked this film. Here's a little hommage in pictures. If you're not French, it's a way to see one of our most talented actress in this so short period human being are at the top of their charm.

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  1. J'adore Sara Forestier aussi.Je n'ai pas l'impression qu'elle tourne encore énormément, espérons que ça change.
    Il y a une autre actrice qui m'a énormément touché chez Kechiche, c'est celle qui fait la fameuse scène de la danse du ventre dans la Graine et le Mulet. Je ne sais plus son nom...