April 24, 2011

Sorry. I got a problem. Not sure to re-open this time.


  1. Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit
    you must open a new blog, anyway!

  2. Sorry, it's a problem with blogs in general (I also closed the music one). I'm fed up to see some persons consider my posts being related to them and what I live(d) with them. They are not but they seemed to have difficulties with that. It's true I post intimate things, but it's not MY intimicy, it's human's intimicy. If people would stop to see the world only through their narrow-minded egotism, the world would be a better place to live. I take a pause to think about all that. But it's true than chosing what I post according to the people I know (although I don't know many), is something I can't deal with and prefer to stop. Maybe I'll change my mind if not posting anymore is too much a sacrifice for me. I still don't know.
    Thx for the support Lorenzo. It's nice to read.

  3. Hi, my name is Josefine and I am working with a swedish documentary on sex and relations. In all we are shooting 12 episodes and one is dedicated to fetishes. I am wondering if you are interested to be a part of this project? The purpose is not to judge or in any way make fun of people but to inform and explore. You get the chance to tell your story with your own words. The show is hosted by a well known sexologist and has been a sucess (this is the fourth season). If you want to know more I am looking forward to hearing from you. Call me or mail me: josefine.lantz@jarowskij.se, +46850307873



  4. What a strange proposition! I don't consider at all myself a fetishi(s)t. I quite loathe the fetish approach of sex actually (the other one being considered as a simple vehicle of our fantasms). I love people, personalities, their relation with this problem we have to deal with : our body and its functions, either the sexual or the excretive ones, is something we must hide to other humans. And here I look at what people do with that when they try to express it with photography. Nothing fetishist at all. I'm quite upset someone working in documentaries about this subject doesn't see the difference. My blog is about life and my sexuality is everything but particular. Sorry but thx for the proposal.