April 16, 2011

Unsane - Sleeve covers

I just learned that Unsane, my fave noise band ever (since 1989) is coming back to town in June. There was a time I saw them on stage almost every year but now it's much rarer. A promise of headblast for sure, since live (may I say that when looking at their murdering sleeves) they are a killing experience. Their record sleeve illustrations, quite similar in themas, are all realised by Chris Spencer, the composer-guitarist-vocalist of the band. Except the last one (the guy with the head off on railways), which is from the police archives (their first LP actually). I gathered these samples from the net and I didn't scan myself them from the LP originals (although I got them all, even the singles) due to lazyness I admit (very boring to scan images with the material I have). But I chose the best definition I could find on various sources. I sorted them on a visual basis and not chronologically. Don't forget to have a listen to these records if you don't know this band (but I must advise it's raw and rude noise music). I add some videos since they are in line with the cover sleeves and allow to understand what this musically is all about.

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  1. Nice! This is indeed one of the best bands ever...