April 17, 2011

Various - Piss Christ and other Christ blasphemy

There's presently manifestations in a French town called Avignon (the ex-city of the popes when France was the church's elder daughter) against the Andres Serrano's 1987 Piss Christ (for information, piss is a sterile liquid so nothing here that would put dirt on this religious icon). An occasion, on a sunday, a Christian day, to gather some interesting blasphemy pictures (mostly digital manipulations but the ones I like the most are those done with not too much technology) about the Christ (I'm not an antichrist addict and all that satanic bullshit, on the opposite I think Jesus is an interesting figure and that his message is one of the rare with some greek ones to still be relevant today, but I hate sacralisation). Of course, there are plenty of nude female crucified (with a few only that have something new to offer) but here I preferred to put shots with a more rude political or sexual provocation, also the most interesting visually and even one that seems quite old and shows this topic is not totally the consequence of contempory decadence. I never got any insulting message but who knows, this may be the beginning.


  1. I'm glad you like my photograph. It's ok to keep it, but I would have appreciated being asked first.

  2. Sorry, I never ask first. I only asked permission until I was 18, to my parents. This blog is made to promote photographers and I don't see myself asking photographers if I can promote their work. This thematic series are the only ones in which I don't cite photographers. But strangely, yours is marked so I think it's also a way to promote yourself. However, I'll do whatI always do when photographers write me to asf for permission: withdraw the picture, therefore, no more problem.