April 12, 2011

Various - Variations around The Luncheon on the grass

There's a Manet retrospective in Paris this month. I'm honestly not very fond of impressionism, not my conception of what painting should be or, to be more humble, the style that touches my own sensibility (but who cares). Among the most famous paintings of this painter, there's the Luncheon on the grass, with some photographic variations. Some are famous (the Bowwowwow cover sleeve, the Yves Saint Laurent ad) others less and due to artists. Some are hommages, some rather humoristic, some turn the subject on another semantic plan. There's also amateur pictures of the statues created to "play" the scene (quite kitsch actually but it allows us to watch the female model in all her nudity, a scoptophilian dream after all). The 2 last ones (from Pepe Smit, more to come about her) are the only really subversive. And my faves of course.

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