May 31, 2011

Various - Feet

One French politician felt in disgrace and was forced to resign from his ministry fonction because of his feet fetichism. Actually, he seemed to have failed to control his sexual pulsion when massing his secretaries feet. Strange times isn't it? Here a fine sample of feet pictures to celebrate the political strenght of this feminine body part. Some says "voting with his feet" to despise stupid votes, but voting with her feet should be considered as a quality.

May 29, 2011

Anke Merzbach - Various

Anke Merzbach is a German photograph. Her work is totally stunning, diverse but with a constant ability to marry the rawest part of humanity with symbolism and even mysticism. Rare are those who succeed in this difficult alchemy, most failing primary to show the rude human body's condition when their universe is the based on mystery and romantism. You can admire many others of her work here or there. The more I do this blog, the more I think women are saving art after a century of male pretentious conceptual creativism. Thanks to all of them. Click on pictures of course to see them full size.

May 28, 2011

Various - Under the women skirts

Yes, it is a fact, from the first years of our lives until our last breath, we can't help to look under the women skirts. It's for us, males, a constant source of wonder, an amazing shivering experience, not only sexual, but aesthetic too. Like the center of the world suddenly open to our eyes. Our past, our present and our future. A reason to respect it but not a reason to deny we are all obsessed by it. Here a sample of pictures about this path leading from our mothers skirts under which we liked to hide, to the highest scoptophilian perversion.

May 27, 2011

Elena Kalis - Underwater

For those (I am) who love underwater pictures, Elena Kalis (living in Bahamas) is a living icon. Less mystical than Neil Craver (here) and Brooke Shaden (there), she seems more in a quest for the perfect "cliché", more avoiding than exploring the water element such that models act as if they were in their usual environment. A way to express the underwater origin of life (and therefore, it can be considered as mystical too, so forget my first sentence). What is lacking to my eyes, is the erotic and organic part of the Neil Craver's work. Here, there is something cleaner than clean and a prudeness that is a little embarassing. But it's fantastic to look at for sure. Her site here. There is much more to sea... oops, to see.

May 26, 2011

Digitophox and Kat Ryanne - Brides And Pigs

The photograph is Digitophox (DPX), the model is Kat Ryanne, this series called Brides and Pigs, I got it in my archives for some months but was never in the mood to post it. Now I feel too. Maybe cos' I feel husbands and pigs are often synonymous. Or maybe we are all pigs (I talk about us, males) and it's a good way to be if we stay pacific pigs. Don't know. The deviantArt gallery of Kat Ryanne here and her mayhem page there. A gorgeous model I think. Didn't find links for DPX. I must expect some upset comment I fear.

May 25, 2011

Jean-François Lefranc - Bodies

Some more by Jean-François Lefranc (previous series here) because he sure knows how to show curvy female bodies. Plenty more in his gallery there. He's really a great artist.