May 11, 2011

Adam Knott - Diary of depression

This is one of the most singular and moving photography project ever done. The Australian photographer Adam Knott felt so unable to help her wife, Erin, when she felt in depression while writing a book about her parents being killed when she was 14, that he took pictures of her and wrote on them his own despaired feeling to see her drown in this so deep and unavoidable ocean of sadness and loss of will to live. It's apparent that he was feeling much guilty to do these photographies but seemed not being able to refrain to do it. This gave this Diary of depression that few high-quality versions can be found on the web. But everybody will understand seeing them, that we have here what we could call a limit-experience in the domain. I think these pictures were shot around 2005 (the book of Erin was issued in 2007 under the name of Grief Girl. The address of his site here doesn't work anymore. Some of pix above can be seen in larger size if you click on them, and this allows to read more easily what Adam Knott wrote on them.

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