May 7, 2011

Anastasia Chernyavsky - Ethel & Thais

Let's come again where we begun this blog, with children, and more particularly, when they are pictured by their mum or dad, as it's the case here with Anastasia Chernyavsky, a Russian musician who became a professional photographer and who lives now with her 2 daughters and husband in San Francisco. She says to be inspired by Sally Mann and it's quite clear when we see her pictures. She doesn't have the sulfurous approach that was so interesting with Sally Mann's oeuvre but who could deny these pictures (I post here the B&W but I'll do with colours cos' some are fantastic too) are wonderful and washouts the worst despair we got about life cos' yes children are what can make us feel there is some beauty in the world. Her site here. Hope she'll do more splendid pix in a near future.

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