May 31, 2011

Raven Starblood - Bad Girl

Too long without Raven Starblood's post. She's always in our mind and we don't forget her. An icon for sure.


  1. I've had to watermark all of my photos on DeviantArt because I have a hacker who is set to ruin my life, and she's been posting my private photos all over...but if there's anything you want it's in my photobucket, or oyu can email me and I can send it to you if it's an uncensored one you need

  2. Sorry to read that you had problem with some bastard. Unfortunately, their little brain is able to use a computer. I have stored some pix in the prior months so it should be OK. But if there are some that you want me to remove because you don't want them to be seen again on the net, tell me, I'll remove them. Take care of you Raven.

  3. I've had to hide all of my photos as I've been recently harassed :-( So just email me if you want more....