May 8, 2011

Various - VE Day: what is left of Hitler?

Today is the commemoration of the victory against the nazis. Actually, the victory of Churchill against Hitler since if the former had not been the England's prime minister, things would have surely not turned this good for Europe. What is left of Hitler today? If you go on deviantArt read some comments in galleries, you can honestly worry about the future since this silly little madman has still fans everywhere in the world. And when you look at recent elections, you must admit that in some years or decades, it is quite certain Europe will be a puzzle of neo-fascist and neo-nazis countries once again. Really depressing for someone of my age but my generation has failed to erase this retrograde representation of the world so we are the first to blame. Here I gathered rare Hitler representations that provide insight of the deepest nature of this perverted degeneration of human brain, or only black provocative humour. Both are fine approaches to my eyes.


  1. while your photo posts speak for themselves, your own comments at the end complete the experience. Thanks and regards.

    PS: I worry too, here in South Asia.

  2. Thx a lot. I'm not always sure so it's good to read some encouragements. However, I'll keep them the shortest as possible.