June 30, 2011

Various - Skeletons are men (and women)'s best friends

Some fantasy around the relations between skeletons and living humans across times and in diverse situations. Honestly, we have a real inability to imagine ourselves one day as only bones. And this mandatory destiny leads us to the strangest images.

June 28, 2011

Sandrine Estrade Boulet - Villes (Cities)

I must say I'm under the charm of the work of this French artist. She sees poetry everywhere cos' poetry is actually everywhere. If we have the eyes to see it. She's a kind of today's Jacques Tati, mixing paper collages and reality to give birth to what we usually only see in our own fantasy and our inclination to see figures in every abstraction of our environment. This talent we all have when we are children, we lose it when we grow up, more because we don't want to keep it (too childish, too much time consuming, we have so many important things to do, bullshit excuses actually) than because we actually lost it. Proof here with the excitation and pleasure we have seeing life raising from these apparently no-things. More than that, Sandrine Estrade Boulet creates cinematographic scenes and it's a complete little story that we watch. All I can say is to go visit her site here. And I hope she'll be given the place she deserves in today's dull artistic landscape.

June 27, 2011

Various - Body sizes

As I am writing about body size for my work, I post a pictural point of view by various photographs (the first is from Ravens Laughter, more to come, some others from Scott Church, others from unknown artists). I think this shape contrast is quite fascinating in showing how human body (at least female ones cos' I'm much less sensible to male ones) can be plastic and can suggest beauty in its so diverse forms. I know that for some of you it's hard to admit, but I think in the future it will be complete evidence. And everyone will be happier.

Holger Droste - Somewhere in the country

I don't know much about Holger Droste except that he seems to be German and that maybe he's one of the best photographer I posted on this blog. Here a series about the country (except the first and the last ones that are from Somewhere in the Soul but I find they fit better with this series) that is no less than breathtaking. Each could illustrate a dramatic blues trad. although it is not specifically from USA. How these pictures can reach such a metaphysical deepness is a mystery for me. His site here. More from him later. Hope he's got the recognition he deserves. And not clicking on the pictures to see them full size would be a mistake.

June 26, 2011

Rae Threat - April Flores

A new (short) series of one of this blog's icons, April Flores, by a photograph I didn't know, Rae Threat (his site here). As usual, she irradiates and we all feel little children in front of an odalisque. Don't forget to click on them to appreciate them full size.

June 25, 2011

Elene Usdin - Various

Elene Usdin is a French artist, painter, decorater and photograph, and her latter activity provides an enigmatic visual universe in which ancient painting, surrealism and postmodernism collide. But more interestingly, she succeeds in creating symbolism in everyday life and usual places. Not really playing with transgression as do artist such as Pepe Smit, she avoids the childish (what we call in French "niais") aspect of this kind of approach. I posted above my faves. Go to see her site here for more.