June 28, 2011

Sandrine Estrade Boulet - Villes (Cities)

I must say I'm under the charm of the work of this French artist. She sees poetry everywhere cos' poetry is actually everywhere. If we have the eyes to see it. She's a kind of today's Jacques Tati, mixing paper collages and reality to give birth to what we usually only see in our own fantasy and our inclination to see figures in every abstraction of our environment. This talent we all have when we are children, we lose it when we grow up, more because we don't want to keep it (too childish, too much time consuming, we have so many important things to do, bullshit excuses actually) than because we actually lost it. Proof here with the excitation and pleasure we have seeing life raising from these apparently no-things. More than that, Sandrine Estrade Boulet creates cinematographic scenes and it's a complete little story that we watch. All I can say is to go visit her site here. And I hope she'll be given the place she deserves in today's dull artistic landscape.

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