June 15, 2011

Shane Deruise - Various

Yesterday, Sophie Théaux was telling me there were too many talented photographs over the world and this seemed to discourage her to go on. She's twice wrong. First, there are not so many talented ones (how many mediocre makers and so-called artists), second, she must go on cos' what she does is unique and deserves to be done. Today (tonight actually) another talented one (maybe she was right after all), and once more from the USA (I have to admit this is the country providing the highest number of talents). His name is Shane Deruise and if the above pictures are not representative of his usual style (see here or there), they are my faves and show how this man knows how to play with pornographic symbols in strong imageries. There is appetite for life and bodies in these pictures. They're sane and healthy. A welcome visual alternative to general ugliness.


  1. Thank you so much for the feature! I am very flattered!

  2. Thx a lot for your comment. It's always a privilege to be thanked by the artists I try to celebrate here. Your pictures are really strong and powerful.