June 13, 2011

Tim Timmermans - Out of darkness

Tim Timmermans is an American photographer with a really singular and even idiosyncrasic universe. As he said on his ModelMayhem page (here) : "I emphasize 4 major themes in my work. Landscapes, the Burningman Festival, Haiku imagery, and my Out of Darkness series". He adds something I really dig: "To me all women are beautiful and age, color, or size is not as important as your desire to participate in something creative and beautiful". He succeeds in creating a dark and heroïc atmosphere without the kitsch as unfortunately most of his colleagues trying to do the same can't avoid. These B&W ones are my favorites. They have the quality of the Seurat's drawings. Hope he won't ask me to remove these shots since he seems quite opposed to any use of them without permission but let's try.

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