June 27, 2011

Various - Body sizes

As I am writing about body size for my work, I post a pictural point of view by various photographs (the first is from Ravens Laughter, more to come, some others from Scott Church, others from unknown artists). I think this shape contrast is quite fascinating in showing how human body (at least female ones cos' I'm much less sensible to male ones) can be plastic and can suggest beauty in its so diverse forms. I know that for some of you it's hard to admit, but I think in the future it will be complete evidence. And everyone will be happier.


  1. Hi there,
    The one with the stuffed fox is by Corwin Prescott (http://www.corwinprescott.com/totheendofthenight) he's got some good stuff that you may like. I think he relies on cliché a little too much when it comes to his portraiture, but I really like some of his work anyway.

  2. Oh thanks. I know Corwin Prescott and had a post about him (see here http://scoptophilia.blogspot.com/search/label/Corwin%20Prescott). Totally agree with you about him and that what I wrote in my post-text. But he does some very strong and transgressive shots too. Thx for your comment and attention.