July 20, 2011

Arsen Savadov - Collective Red Part 1

Mixing corrida, slaughterhouse and porno gay imagery, this series called Collective Red Part 1 (a Part 2 was shot in another environment) and shown in 1998, is one of the most disturbing piece of work I ever saw (but the same artist did more disturbing still some years later with his Book of the Dead). First because it is always breaking a taboo to do pictures in a slaughterhouse, but most time it's to do anti-cruelty information (or propaganda) or some poetry about life/death, blood and other impressionist feelings. Here, this is the stage of sexual symbolism and the semantic is very rich and diverse (both on the porno imagery, the gay codes but more largely on our sexual life, being our main center of interest, for which we parade as peacocks, surrounded by death and bloodbath everywhere). But you can have your own interpretation. The author of this series is called Arsen Savadov, born Ukrainian in 1962, and who seems to focus on painting for the last decade (I'm not very amateur of his painting but who cares). His site is here. There are many other things to discover.

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