July 12, 2011

Franz Fiedler - Narre Tod, Mein Spielgesell

Franz Fiedler, an Austria-Hungary born photograph (1885-1956) did this fascinating and rather incredible series in 1922, variations around the death and the maiden, but with a underlying exhilarated mood that is a fantastic way to conjurate our own panic in face of death. I don't know much about this artist except what can be read on wikipedia here (but you don't need me to get this link of course). The picture of the girl playing with the skelton's skull with her barefeet is a classic one and was used as a cover sleeve by a band Pungent Stench in 1997 (here). Look at it while listening to the Schubert quatuor about the same name if you want to be consistent. And click on the picture to see them full size since I found them in very high resolution here (thx to the uploader).

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