July 19, 2011

George Pitts - April Flores

It has been a rude time for April Flores recently (see here for a sincere, direct and moving narration of her miscarriage), so here is a little hommage to her beauty through pictures of maybe my fave erotic photographer, George Pitts, who seems to be the rare to be able to reconcile erotism and real sensuality (the one you can experience when the body of the other one is near you). On these pictures, there is a glimpse of the real woman she is, not only the sex icon, and for some of the cliches, Pitts even makes with April's body some visual experiments. That's all this blog can do for her. PS. I believe that all pix are from George Pitts but if I wrong for one of them, don't hesitate to tell me in comments, I'll correct.

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