July 31, 2011

Katarzyna Górna - Various

Don't know much about this Polish photograph except she lives in Warsaw and that she's born in 1968. I don't really understand the whole symbolism of her pictures but I know that I feel in there a strong life affirmation in it and moreover that she succeeds to evoke the roots of our religious and metaphysical tradition only with bodies standing in front of her camera and that's quite a tour-de-force when so many have to manipulate and digitalize their clichés to express themselves. Don't mean that everything would have to be so spare and austere, but here it works and some of these shots are considered as part of the Polish patrimony. Find some more from this artist here and there (you may have to active the google translation). Pix 1-3 are from the Madonnas series (1997), pix 4-6 from Fuck Me, Fuck You (2000), pix 7-9 from Doubles Portraits (2001).

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