July 28, 2011

London Andrews - A Modern Icon

With April Flores, London Andrews is the other icon of the BBW or curvy amateurs. Maybe less BBW-typed than April and maybe more usual truck-driver icon than the more alternative scene egery April, she's one of the best things that happened to women erotic iconography because her body is really generous, some would say "large" in the lower part of her body (hips, bum and thigh) and it's a good thing to oppose another model than the official lean and even thin one. As April, she has also done some X movies but seems less inclined to claim her pornstar status than April. But the point is not to detect differences between these two gorgeous ladies, but to pay tribute to London (although she's American) via various photo sessions for various photographers. I think she still needs to find the artist that will not be too shy in front of her charms and who will use her to make a great visual project, which is not really the case in neither of these ones although these are my faves. You can find much more on the net. Her blog is here.

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