July 17, 2011

Marc Dubord - Various

Marc Dubord is a French photograph mixing pictures with digital manipulations. Not what I prefer in the recent trends of photography (when I say recent, it's now more than 15 years), but I must admit that sometimes it provides strong images and some of this artist are quite strong actually. At least, I chose those I find the most scoptophilian-friendly (in other words my faves). There is of course a pregnant Saudek influence but in these ones, Dubord adds his own touch (the French one maybe). Moreover, he's not stuck in one style and, as it can be seen with the 2 last ones, more in the Jeff Bark (here) style. And the first one is to my eyes a total masterpiece, with an atmosphere mixing Füssli and Molinier. His site here, and an interesting interview (in French but google may translate) there.

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