July 1, 2011

Saudades - Self-portraits

Anticipate Evaluate

Like me

I adore you

Frightened bird

There is no moon

Tell me then

Simple progression

Forgetting might make


I still try to smile

You should wash your hair more

Black nipple

I really like very much the pictures of this young Chilian lady. I posted her Public Artistic Exhaustion series here, but tonight, it's her strange and unusual self-depreciative portrait series I would like to present. I decided to keep the captions cos' I think it enhances the interest of these images. It is to notice that all these works are from 2008 and earlier. Since this first post, I discovered a lot of things about her. Afterwards, she opened another deviantArt gallery under the name of Mariana Aonde (here) mostly consisting in her painting work. Now I know her name (I don't write it here cos' I don't know if she would like to see these self portraits appear on google images when her name would be written, but you can find it here on her site), that she is no more in Chile but lives in New York and that she's in second year graduate student in Sociomedical Sciences and Psychology, studying risk behaviors and health problems of latinos and latinas in NYC. You can find her live journal there. What's interesting in the latter is that you can see she's still photographing herself and these pictures have the similar quality of those of her Saudades period (but without the artistic approach). A long text I admit for a non-self-claimed artist, but I think she deserves it.

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