July 29, 2011

Stacia from Hawkwind

Before Stephanie from Tinsel Teeth, there was Stacia. Of course she was not part of the band as Stephanie is, since she only danced in front of the stage, but her nudity was unique and a premiere in rock world. Since she was not the usual bimbo model that most of strippers are, she contributed to put in our children's brain another image of what a real woman is, and I owe her most of my absence of pre-established normative body shapes in terms of female sensuality. Moreover, she strangely fitted very well with the band's music whereas with most of other bands this would have seemed totally irrevelant and sexist bullshit. Were we attracted by Hawkwind's sets because of her? In my memory no. I have the impression that in these times, sex was less invasive in our life's motivation that it is now. Not to say that our young adolescents libidos were not crying to express, but actually music was really our passion and we felt a real respect for Stacia and didn't even imagine having sex with her in our wanking fantasies. I think she would be glad to read that. Now she's a painter and I think she has erased this old and brief period of her memory (she only danced 3 years for the band). But she is not forgotten and she was an icon that will leave a stronger trace in rock that many light rock stars (even if in the seventies, all women in rock have been important in a way or another). Here I gathered all I could find on the net in quality good enough to be posted. There is surely more but I didn't find it. I unfortunately did not take pictures when I saw the band live although Stacia was in front of me, completely naked. The image is graved in my brain. Interesting and a little unsane, the cliche with Alice Cooper where she seems to be looked without much respect but it was Alice after all. Her site now here.

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