July 24, 2011

Stephanie from Tinsel Teeth

Another series from various sources of Stephanie with her mates from Tinsel Teeth live on stage. More extreme than ever, it's always revigorating to see that rock music can still provide such wilderness in our mainstream musical landscape. Sorry for the stupid censorship on her tits, I didn't find these pictures without this silly scotch. When you think that the first thing nature makes you do when you're born is to take one of them in your mouth to suck, and that seeing them once you're a teen or adult is considered as pornography and indecence, it makes you wonder about the sanity of this world. That she wears a fake phallus is not censored but her natural tits are. No matter. Don't forget to see them play live with Oxbow on September. The 2 more intense live bands in the same bill guarantees that you'll have one of the evenings of your life.

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