July 10, 2011

Various - Some black & white christian blasphemy

On Sunday, it's time for a little Christian blasphemy. I honestly appreciate Jesus' message but bigotry and dogma totally ruined it and it's always a pleasure to put this insane sexual visual imagery in the public domain. Of course, all this has to be taken with humor and not at first degree. I don't care about Satan and all that antichristic bullshit. It's to play with symbols and lead them to their extreme that is exciting. And feminine sexuality seems the most subversive way to attack religion. Here only black & white pictures to keep a visual homogeneity. I think Georges Bataille would have liked some of these pictures for illustrating some of his texts. Don't forget to visit fyeahnuns friendly blog here to see much more.

1 comment:

  1. The girl isn't really pissing Christ on the crucifix. It's Photoshop's fake.