July 13, 2011

WoodEye - Portraits of Kathleen

I rarely (maybe never) saw a young girl more photogenic than this young one called Kathleen. In each picture where she is, there is something purely magical, an instant atmosphere of mysticism, a "doom" dimension (sorry I don't find other terms). She raises souvenirs of so many cultural references across history (from middle age to modern doom, through figures of romantism or classic horror movies) that it is impossible to name them here with my poor English vocabulary. Thanx to the photograph to have done a work that is in perfect adequation with the charisma of her model. To be honest, I don't appreciate similarly the rest of his production (his name is Brian Woodwick but he publishes under the name of Woodeye, his deviantArt gallery here), often consisting in taking pictures of women showing their "pussy" and "ass" (it's his words) in various places without many attempts to make something interesting with it. Not unpleasant but rather limited and not ambitious. A chance he worked much more on the pictures of this adolescent (maybe it is her daughter, I don't know), particularly on the first ones of the series. Funny how some evening, I become prude and stupidly reactionary. The Kathleen effect surely.

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  1. An angel ? Sure ? In her eyes, glance of evil... but evil is not an ancient angel, isn't ?