August 31, 2011

Sarah Saudek-Saudkova - Family life

As her name suggests, she's the companion of Jan Saudek. She was first her assistant. Born 44 yrs ago, she's of course very influenced by THE master, but in these cliches, this reference is less pregnant than in most of her work. I love the joyful atmosphere in these pictures. And the sensuality of the parental experience. I miss it a lot today. Fortunately, my son is still "tactile" with me although he's 17 and it's a sweet consolation. Sarah's site here.

August 30, 2011

Antoine d'Agata - Agonies

Antoine d'Agata's vision of sex is certainly not the one I appreciate and some of the pictures above are to my eyes what I despise the most in sexual activity (prostitution, exploitation, self-destruction). But it's sure that he's one of the most important photographs of our times and that it's impossible not be moved deep inside our guts when seeing these pictures. Something of the strenght of a Francis Bacon in his work. The fact that he's himself very involved in what he shows is important, and allow these pictures to escape to suspicion of the visual exploitation of others' misery. I can't imagine a more despairing visual of the flesh but who am I to judge? A site here. Sorry, didn't find the pix in a larger format.

August 29, 2011

Karina Baranska - Wedding and other nude portraits

I begin to think that Poland is the country where there is the highest number of talented photographers in the world and more singularly, female ones, not a small achievement. Since I began this blog, my own personal tastes led me to select many artists coming from this country, and here's another one I really dig. She covers a lot of various thematics, but these female nude portraits (maybe I'm wrong but I think they are often self-portraits) have a particular carnal quality. And I won't hide that I find the body of the model totally gorgeous. You can explore her site here and her deviantArt gallery there. I'll post some more from her I think, but these are really my faves. I assume my scoptophilia.

August 28, 2011

Luciano Marino - Pigs sins

I read today that traders gave the name of P.I.G.S. to Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, these countries who to their eyes "behaved themselves as pigs", bingeing and stuffing themselves with money they didn't have. So now it's time for the slaughterhouse in their minds I think. I hope that someday we'll be able to slaughter them as we did here, during the French revolution. Meanwhile, a short series from an italian photograph (Italian, and some say the I. of P.I.G.S. could also be Italy) that seems wanting to use the name of Mirabilia Images rather than his names (site here and deviantArt gallery there). The 1st is avarice, the 2nd wrath, the 3rd Lust. The rest of the series has no pigs in it but gluttony has meat so I added it as the last of the lot. A gift for traders from piggy Europeans.

August 27, 2011

Antony Crossfield - Foreign Body

When photomanipulation supports a strong, deep and powerful idea such as the one in this series of Antony Crossfield, thus this technique adds to the richness of the work and may lead to something of a masterpiece. Difficult not to be moved in your innermind if, like me, you sometimes feel quite near to become schizophrenic, and to have at least 2 (sometimes more) yourself coexisting in you. Here, bodies are visually both intricated and separated, and the impression seeing these pictures is not far from the one you have when you feel torn apart between 2 different feelings, motivations, envies. Antony Crossfield is a great artist. From UK. The proud descendant of Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud. Only with photography in place of painting. His site here.

August 26, 2011

George Pitts - Erotics

If I was asked who is my favorite erotic photograph, I would say George Pitts. I find in his pictures all that missed so much in erotic pictures I've seen in my life (although I'm not a great amateur of this style, I saw a lot of them, usually while searching for interesting ones among them, and failing most of the times to find any). A presence, a reality of the carnation, of the flesh, this strange little thing that gives you suddenly the impression you are watching a real person, the body is not only a virtuality recreated by a technical skill but here and could be touched. A thing I have also felt in painting with Ingres or Bastien Lepage (not erotism for the latter, but the same reality appearing in his work). The fact he doesn't try to erase or hide the skin "defaults" and allows any period and any occupation of the female body to irradiates it's sensuality, increases the strenght of these pictures. Here's a sample of his recent works. He usually posts some of them on the collective blog called All Blog Entries or FLNGS (here, in the "Blogs you should" see list on the right). I posted others previously (use the tag).