August 2, 2011

Andrea Simoncini Gibson - Heaven's Here & More

What a strange way to treat photography. This Italian/English artist does a digitalization of his pictures such as you sometimes doubt is is really a photography. But the result is haunting and gives to these images an iconic quality that few photographies possess. The 5 first ones are entitled "Heaven's Here" and are my faves. I would have liked to find more but these are the only ones I found on the net in good quality. But I encourage any visitor to click here for viewing the rest of this great series. The other ones are from various series and show the more erotic and modern approach of Simoncini. On his site, go to look at his drawings, very original and showing how he likes females curves.


  1. Thank you for posting some of my portraits, however the three images with the silver, orange and red satin sheet backgrounds (6th, 7th and 8th photos) have been defaced. My name and logo have been removed and the backgrounds covered up in a sloppy way. Please remove these three images, if you wish I can send you the whole original pictures complete with my name and logo by contacting me a the email address present on my web site.

  2. OK. I didn't do it and found them this way on the net. Usually, it's true that I don't like to post images with the name of the photograph on them. I know that most of them feel it's necessary cos' they are the authors, but it's not my way of seeing things. Here, I felt the name was not too much disturbing, so I posted them. For the 3 images you signal, I remove them.

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  4. Ok thanks,
    if you should want others I can supply images with the smaller name