August 23, 2011

Andres Serrano - A History of Sex

Andres Serrano (born in 1950) is mainly known for his Piss Christ (in 1987) but this is only a very very small part of his work in which he seems to constantly try to break taboos and push the boundaries a little farther. He obtains what everyone trying to shake this narrow-minded society always gets: vandalism of his work, menaces, insults, the usual shitload of hatred. Here is a series called A History of Sex (1997) in which he gives a strange cocktail of imagery, very peaceful and serene in the models attitude (apparently not models but individuals assuming an aspect of their sexuality) and the apparent provocative situation in each image. A great series that would surely contribute to help feeling less guilty and abnormal whatever are our own preferences, desires, fantasms. No link, you can find informations on Andres Serrano almost eveywhere on the net.

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