August 21, 2011

Emil Schildt - Bromoil

First, I love the first sentence of his presentation "I was born in 1958, but I am only 35 years old!! and I am keeping it that way...;-)". Since I'm born in 1958 too, I decided to do the same from today and to go back to 35 yrs old cos' more is too much to my eyes (and his). However all his "about-me" text is full of humor and should be read. This Danish photographer uses various techniques and finally gives the name of his work to the technique used. I'm not sure to understand the underlying message (nude women, religious objects, death remains, all things I cherish after all) but who cares when it's gorgeous to see and a real scoptophilian pleasure. I chose pictures altered with the Bormoil technique that I find the most intense. Some of his work seems to me too much aesthetic and a little kitschy. But you can make your mind in going here or there.

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  1. The picture with the runes says, "neuermore (as there is no v in Norse runes.) btw. Which is pretty logical, with ravens and all.