August 14, 2011

Fernell Franco - Prostitutas

Prostitution is not an easy subject for photography and most often euphemism or miserabilism, repulsion or excitation weaken the images. The great Colombian photograph Fernell Franco (born in 1942, dead in 2006) can be seen as a paradigm for avoiding these traps. It's like real life was palpitating through his pictures but with his choices of image treatment (the posture but also the decomposition, the burning effect), he sublimes this life with art (nothing to do with arty approach of the subject). He had 30 years when he did this series (1972). More than 45 years later, it's as stunning as it was when it was first shown. The first one is a total masterpiece. A site about him here. Click on them cos" I tried to find the largest possible on the net and they deserve to be seen full size of course.

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