August 26, 2011

George Pitts - Erotics

If I was asked who is my favorite erotic photograph, I would say George Pitts. I find in his pictures all that missed so much in erotic pictures I've seen in my life (although I'm not a great amateur of this style, I saw a lot of them, usually while searching for interesting ones among them, and failing most of the times to find any). A presence, a reality of the carnation, of the flesh, this strange little thing that gives you suddenly the impression you are watching a real person, the body is not only a virtuality recreated by a technical skill but here and could be touched. A thing I have also felt in painting with Ingres or Bastien Lepage (not erotism for the latter, but the same reality appearing in his work). The fact he doesn't try to erase or hide the skin "defaults" and allows any period and any occupation of the female body to irradiates it's sensuality, increases the strenght of these pictures. Here's a sample of his recent works. He usually posts some of them on the collective blog called All Blog Entries or FLNGS (here, in the "Blogs you should" see list on the right). I posted others previously (use the tag).

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