August 6, 2011

Jean-Christian Bourcart - Forbidden City

Nice sometimes to post a French photographer. Nice but rare. Aren't French interested by the body and too much by conceptual and abstract images? Unfortunately, I think it's true. In this country, arrogant intellectualism has always triumphed and the limbic system is considered as an inferior part of the brain, the cortical area reigns over art for more than one century and it's a bore. In painting, the body is back again but in photography, it's still not there, contrary to most of countries over the world. There are some isolated warriors such as Jean-Christophe Bourcart. In 1999 he did this series about S&M and swingers clubs that he attended with a hidden camera. Apparently, the shots were quite amateurishly done but the result is really stunning, and provide a real insight in this nocturnal life where humans are in search of something rather difficult to summarize and probably very different across individuals. More the excitation of the forbidden and the thrill of the transgression (and also of the regression) that pleasure per se. Not a world I'd like to hang about but I can understand the attractiveness of it. Here are my faves. If you want to see the whole series, you can go on the author's site here. His other projects are of interest but this is the one that I feel the most interesting. Sorry, I didn't find any of them in a large format.

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