August 4, 2011

Jen Davis - Self-Portraits

To use a personal physical problem to create an artistic project is often a little risky since the borderline between art and psychological testimony is rather thin. When this physical problem is weight (I'd rather talk of stoutness, corpulence or fatness), it's still more difficult due to the danger it will be only viewed as a society problem and commented on a very different plan than an artistic one. Jen Davis succeeds in her project of self-portraits, all based on her status of "overweight" young lady. But her pictures create an intimacy, an empathy and an emotion that are very singular in this domain. No boring attempt to impose a message of tolerance or to eroticize her body. No, it's reality but beauty is here via the pictural quality of her work. This series is going on now for the last 9 years and I hope this 33 yrs old lady will go on a long time to create one of the most interesting photographic project of the history. I ranged the pictures (my faves) to mimic (more or less) a day in her life. Her site's here.

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