August 1, 2011

John Santerineross - Works 1994-2011

This American artist is one of the most fascinating of the last decade. Strongly influenced by Jan Saudek and Joel-Peter Witkin, he progressively developped his own universe and he succeeds in distilling a real malaise, not the most common among all those who try. His pictures are only one aspect of his work and below I posted some videos he did and the malaise is also very strong. What's disturbing here is that the limit between the staging and the reality is quite difficult to find (the case is particularly pregnant in the video called Child, Doll or Bone since in the comments the author tells us that the model and friend playing (?) has killed herself a year later). In that way, he's more Witkin than Saudek since in the latter, there is an apology of living flesh, desire and pleasure that is not present in the Santerineross world. Although sensuality is still here, but sometimes young girls suggest it more than adult models and this is not the less disturbing of this work. Often I wonder why the sexual parts of his models are shown (although I admit being fascinated by them as much as he must be). But I stop my bollocking verbal diarrhoea and leave you click here to see more. Your choice may have not been the same as mine. Just one thing: I had the first pix of the series I post today in my stored images document but did not know the name of the author. It was a picture I really found totally amazing, subversive, unsane and exciting. Now I discovered the author but its still my favorite from all this artist's work. Click absolutely on the pictures to see them full size. The scoptophilian pleasure is greatly enhanced.

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