August 29, 2011

Karina Baranska - Wedding and other nude portraits

I begin to think that Poland is the country where there is the highest number of talented photographers in the world and more singularly, female ones, not a small achievement. Since I began this blog, my own personal tastes led me to select many artists coming from this country, and here's another one I really dig. She covers a lot of various thematics, but these female nude portraits (maybe I'm wrong but I think they are often self-portraits) have a particular carnal quality. And I won't hide that I find the body of the model totally gorgeous. You can explore her site here and her deviantArt gallery there. I'll post some more from her I think, but these are really my faves. I assume my scoptophilia.


  1. What a gorgeous woman!

  2. What beautiful photographs and what a beautiful woman.