August 28, 2011

Luciano Marino - Pigs sins

I read today that traders gave the name of P.I.G.S. to Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, these countries who to their eyes "behaved themselves as pigs", bingeing and stuffing themselves with money they didn't have. So now it's time for the slaughterhouse in their minds I think. I hope that someday we'll be able to slaughter them as we did here, during the French revolution. Meanwhile, a short series from an italian photograph (Italian, and some say the I. of P.I.G.S. could also be Italy) that seems wanting to use the name of Mirabilia Images rather than his names (site here and deviantArt gallery there). The 1st is avarice, the 2nd wrath, the 3rd Lust. The rest of the series has no pigs in it but gluttony has meat so I added it as the last of the lot. A gift for traders from piggy Europeans.

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