August 19, 2011

Marco Sanges - Various

This photograph, born Italian in 1970, and rather famous worldwide (he had a great retrospective in London last summer), has a personal imagery that shares some of my ancient fascinations: decadence, unsane and even morbid body exhibition in the Italian high society, something geniusly illustrated in the Italian cinema of the seventies by Visconti, Fellini, Pasolini, Ferreri and so many more. If there is a place on earth where aesthetism, transgression, politics and sex have been so tightly linked and splendidly represented, it's Italy. Of course, Sanges' work gives the occasion of boring and amphigourical logorrhea from cultural commentators. And it's always a shame. Moreover, what I like the best in his work, and posted above (except some of the lasts, to show what is his unsual universe), is his B&W intimate still life portraits. The first one is one of the most wonderful play-with-ligh-and-obscurity picture I saw in my life. Some more from Sanges here.


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