August 11, 2011

Markus Scholzt - Feet

Our fave feet fetish photographer is back again (previous series posted here) with a new series of feet, most (all?) of them belonging to his girlfriend/wife. Strangely, she is far to possess the most beautiful feet of the world and although their shape is rather delicate (but each of us has his/her own criteria for feet beauty), they are not really well groomed (is that the correct word?) and they could be better looked after. Moreover, there are too many uninteresting pictures for only some with esthetic value (see the galllery here). These are the ones I find the good ones. But I can't help to have affection for this feet obsession although it is the classic reduction of the other to an object of fascination that I don't really think we should privilege in our interpersonal relation, in particular with our loving or sex partners. PS. All have been shot over the last weeks.

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