August 13, 2011

Michel Omar - Social Disease

This series of 3 pictures is from a young Mexican called Michel Omar, but doesn't represent his usual style (you can see his portfolio here, his blog there and his deviantArt gallery zhere). But in these times of financial speculations of trader pigs and banker sows (excuse me dear suidae, you don't deserve to be compared to this scum), I feel it's time to post them. Maybe I'll post more from this young guy but I'm not convinced by most of his other stuff except his child's portraits maybe, and some naked boys pix. I'm surely wrong but that's it.


  1. Hello! Y'en a des merveilles sur ton blog. J'aime beaucoup, nice to know you.
    Sarah Fisthole.

  2. Je ne peux pas mettre tes dessins car je ne mets hélas que des photos, mais je le regrette car j'aurais très envie. Merci pour le commentaire.